Monday, February 4, 2013

Blog Series Part 3: Fun & Confidence

     For those of you just joining me (or have forgotten) this list is a reminder of things I’ve already accomplished that I am proud to have done.  This is a list I can revisit when I have the blahs, or am feeling unaccomplished, or prone to comparing myself with others accomplishments.  The first part of the series is here, the second part here.

     These next 5 might just possibly be the ones I’m most excited to write about.  I was considering saving them for last, but I don’t think they are the most important, just the most fun. The theme for today is…

11.   Recorded Myself Singing.
     I have never thought I had a good singing voice. I always believed I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.  My husband went to Berklee College of Music and a large number of our friends are musicians, so this is always confirmed for me when we go to karaoke together. However, I enjoy singing and my husband insists my voice is not horrible. Ok, he actually says I have a good voice but I’m not sure I believe him that much. Anyways, he recorded us singing the Grouch Anthem.  This is the current incarnation, although it is possible that this recording will later become more “filled out”.  It was originally created as one of my Day Zero list items and submitted to a Jim Henson compilation that I never saw/heard the finished results of.  Regardless, the process was a lot of fun and I'm really glad I put this on my previous list.

12. Hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner Party
     I had secretly always wanted to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party.  My current circle of friends include people who enjoy dressing up in costumes, so I decided to throw one for my most recent birthday. It was a ton of fun – everyone got into their characters, I made a themed menu, it was a blast.  If I were to do it again, though, I would just host and not try to also play a character; that was overwhelming and I just ended up getting drunk and probably neglecting both those aforementioned duties.

13.  Went to Disneyland.  Went on a Roller Coaster.  AND ENJOYED IT.
     Ok, so another thing about me: I dislike roller coasters. And had never been to Disneyland until last October.  I had been to Disneyworld, in Florida. The first time was a family vacation around 13, where I was the perfect age to be an angsty teenager who disdains having fun or being with family. The second time was on a trip with my high school marching band, while we were playing the halftime show for the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, when I spent the whole day walking around the park in a large group that also included my current crush and not going on any rides. In any case, I had previously had exposure to amusement parks of the non-themed variety and was pretty certain that rollercoasters were not my bag. I can do those spinning rides all day long and not lose my lunch, but coasters? No way.
     So, the entire time we have been living in Arizona (4 years at the time) my husband has been discussing us going to Disneyland. I was not for this idea. Why would we plan a vacation around something I did not enjoy? It seemed pointless, even as my husband continually told me I would love it. And you know what?
     I loved it. Oh yes.  I declined joining him and our friend Katy on Space Mountain, but successfully rode on Thunder Mountain Railroad and The Matterhorn (twice!!). And the best part?
I learned that when I’m enjoying a roller coaster ride, I can’t stop laughing.

Having a good time in front of Thunder Mountain Railroad

14.  Developped a Hobby
     I am a kick-ass knitter. For serious. Check out some awesome things I’ve made- an awesome bass guitar sweater:

intricate lace shawl:

Having a hobby is a wonderful thing. One of the skills I frequently teach in my groups is Mindfulness-the art of being in the present moment.  Even long before I knew of this concept, it was something that I occasionally captured through knitting.  Stressed and overwhelmed?  Knitting gives me a bit of a “mental break” where I can just focus on what’s in front of me instead of worrying and ruminating.  Additionally, even when everything else seems to be unraveling (see what I did there?) knitting is one thing I know I can do spectacularly.  Knitting has given me patience; even when it is my knitting that isn’t going according to plan I know to take a break and come back with fresh eyes and even if I have to rip out 5 rows (or start over completely) that I will be successful in the end.

15. Became an Awesome Wedding Guest.
     I was about to write, “I don’t mean to brag” but I’ve already mentioned I’m a kick-ass knitter and you know what? This blog series is basically about bragging.  So I’m going to brag for a moment. 
     I’m an awesome wedding guest.  I have been told this by friends and also people’s mothers who I don’t really know, so it must be true.   I get out and dance, have an awesome time, and inspire others to do the same.  I think this is something I learned as “dj’s wife” for half the weddings; when no one wants to lead “The Electric Slide”, "Cupid Shuffle", or “ Cha-Cha Slide” it falls to the dj’s wife to look excited.  

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