Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm cranky

I am currently dealing with either the worst allergies in the world or a horrible summer cold. Either way, I'm congested, sore, and cranky, and as such I've decided to channel my irritability towards something that actually merits it.

Nearly every day I have to drive past this horrible, horrible billboard. If you can't see the picture (or my crappy cell phone pic isn't clear enough) it reads: Nothing Beats a Pair, Don't Fold to Cancer. Charmingly, there is a picture of playing cards with cartoonish circle breasts w/hearts for nipples.

Yeah. Now, my brain is not on full function mode right now, so I'm going to break this down bullet-point style rather than try to continue to construct full sentences and paragraphs.

  1. HEY LADIES! You may think you're intelligent, good at your job, witty, creative, a good friend, any number of things, but you know what's REALLY important? Breasts.None of those aforementioned qualities are as important as your physical appearance.
  2. Equating losing your breasts as "folding" to cancer. That's right, did you have a life saving surgery that removed your breasts? That's like being defeated!
  3. See points 1 and 2
  4. So, when I started writing this I definitely know I had more to say, but antihistamines are kicking in and all my thoughts seem to have vanished. Feel free to leave more coherent thoughts in the comments!