Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rambly Life Update

Well, another month is nearly over and what a month it has been! My parents came to visit us here in Tucson, which was great! They got to see our new home, meet Zelda, and do some things they didn't have the opportunity to do while they lived here. My mom and I went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens and saw their butterfly exhibit. All of us went to the San Xavier Mission and the De Grazia Gallery in the Sun. I was also able to get my sewing machine set up and we fit in a quick sewing lesson! I didn't get a ton of photos, but the ones I did are here.

The rest of the month we've been slowly putting the rest of the house together. We're still not entirely done, but it's at least continuing to move forward. While my parents were here we got a new dining table and some more cacti and succulents, so hopefully I'll be more successful at keeping plants alive here.

I've also finished a new shawl! I tried taking some photos earlier tonight, but the lighting was crap and the dogs kept trying to take over the photo shoot. Got some cute dog pics out of that, so I'm not complaining! Once I get some good photos I'll be sure to upload.

I'm still working on the list items, and my awesome sister gifted 2 books for the list (The Brothers K and a Margaret Atwood for my 5 other random books) as well as the cutest address book. Can't wait to start using it-maybe for 2011's Christmas cards I won't have to randomly text my mom 80 times double checking people's addresses...