Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Redefining Goals

The end date for my 101 list has passed, and I didn't end up reaching 50 completed like I previously posted about.  Regardless, I am still proud of myself for making the list; if nothing else it serves as a snapshot of what my goals were nearly 3 years ago. I've come a long way since then, even if it's not in all of the same directions I predicted.

Because I love making lists (and, let's be honest, expecting a lot of myself) I have made a new list of goals: the traditional 30 Before 30 List! Last week on Facebook I asked friends what they thought I should put on my list, and the results were entertaining. Below (and in the sidebar) is my finalized list. Some of the items are things that I've already done (museums) but that I want to do again before turning 30. I have 601 days (1 year, 7 months, and 21 days) to complete this list!

1. Maintain (or improve!) current GPA (3.7)
2. Start working in a library
3. Travel to the Pacific Northwest
4. See the Grand Canyon
5. Have trip to Czech Republic planned & budgeted
6. Go to a Natural History Museum
7. Go to an Art Museum
8. Take a train ride
9. Run a 5k
10. Have a more consistent yoga practice: 2x/wk for 6 months
11. Increase yoga skills (graduate from intro class)
12. Do 100 push-ups (even if they are lady push-ups)
13. Complete a 3 day cleanse (no processed food or animal products)
14. Either get a new tattoo, or have birds touched up
15. Continue to refine budgeting system
16. Take a photo in a photo booth
17. Watch 10 Hitchcock movies I haven't seen
18. Knit a garment
19. Begin regular housecleaning schedule: establish routine for everyday stuff and set a schedule for weekly/monthly
20. Buy a reusable mentrual product
21. Make bread from scratch
22. Take a gun safety class
23. Stop biting my nails
24. Buy a piece of art
25. Try freezer cooking
26. Go through all clothing 2x/year, donate clothes I don't wear to Goodwill
27. Create a better system for routinely going through non-clothing items, de-clutter and donate household items on a regular schedule
28. Eat at the dinner table (instead of the couch) more often
29. Buy a new mattress and bed frame
30. Volunteer

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Connecticut in Pictures

I've been here for a few weeks now, and things have settled in. Routine has been established. Wake up, do meds. Go to radiation, or chemo, or to see one of her two oncologists, or the nutritionist. More meds. Make dinner. See the sister. And so on. 

I could write more about the details of my days, but instead, I thought I would just upload some pretty photos. 

These are just a few selections from what I've taken in the past 3 weeks. Things not represented include hair dying with Liz, lots of time spent with Guinevere, and countless hours in front of the tv.

Mom, coloring at chemo and David, prior to leaving for Tucson.  (additional photos after the cut)