Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation, Day One

Today is my first day of a long, overdue vacation. Tomorrow David and I are driving up to Flagstaff (woo item #41!) for a friend's wedding, and coming home Sunday. I then have the entire following week off. Go me! Since I love making lists, here is a compilation of how I've spent my day.

1. Slept in

2. Haircut, also long overdue.

3. Went to Target to pick up some things we need before the weekend.

4. Sushi lunch with David, Jess, and Casey.

5. Went to David's work, saw his desk, met co-workers.

6. Picked up dress from the tailors.

7. Finally back home, let doggies out, play for a few minutes

8. Try on dress, think it fits great, admire new haircut + fancy dress in mirror.

9. Realize zipper on dress is broken

10. Freak out

11. Call tailors. Ask me to come back in so they can look at it.

12. Herd doggies back to kitchen. Zelda gives me "But you just came home!!!" sad face.

13. Return to the tailors. Looks like it was just a crappy zipper that broke, not their doing (they fixed the straps for me, the dress fit like it was meant for someone with 2 more inches between their waist and shoulders, so the original neckline went below my bra line in front).

14. Agree to fix zipper by tomorrow morning, when I'm leaving. Except, they don't have any royal blue zippers.

15. Go to fabric store, buy a royal blue 22in invisible zipper.

16. Return to tailors yet again. Realize I should know the name of the front desk lady, but I don't. We joke about my last name, she originally spelled it "Holla" the first time I went to drop off my dress.

17. Return home. Let doggies out, play with doggies.

18. Think about cleaning, packing, or any of the other productive things I still need to do.

19. Decide to write blog instead.

Still to come....

David solo show tonight at Skrappy's! Woo!