Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The first 6 weeks of the year held two separate visits from out of state family.  Two of my younger cousins, Andrew and Ben, came to visit in early January, followed by parents during the last few days of January and into February.

Saguaros at the Desert Museum

The time spent with Andrew and Ben was rejuvenating.  They were enthusiastic and excited about everything: The cacti, the sunsets, the mountains.  We did all the major touristy things: Arizona Desert Museum, Bisbee, Kartchner Caverns, Mount Lemmon, Downtown, San Xavier Mission.  We went out to eat and had enchilada night at home (where I made not one, but two kinds of enchiladas).  After living here for nearly 6 years, it was refreshing experiencing it again as though for the first time.

Catalina State Park

The trip with my parents couldn't have been more different.  They've lived here for a few years, so we did hardly anything touristy.  We went to several parks, and made it to the zoo in time to feed the giraffes.  We relaxed, slept in, and got our hair done (well, just me and mom did that one).  Definitely one of my favorite ways to spend time off.

Dad helping Mom cross a brook at Catalina State Park,
and one of my favorite photos  of the trip

Both trips were wonderful.  It's not always easy having made the decision to live 2,500 miles away from my immediate and extended family.  I love Arizona, I love our friends here, and I love David's family.  We are very blessed to have a kick ass support system.  Still, even so, I miss my family and it was a wonderful way to start the year.

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