Saturday, March 6, 2010

Progress (or lack thereof)

So, I didn't finish my Knitting Olympics project in time, but I'm actually really okay with that.  I didn't exactly plan ahead, like picking out a pattern in advance and swatching, so I didn't realize the lace pattern I picked didn't have any rest rows. This is the first time I've knit lace w/o rest rows, and I didn't realize what a difference that can make. Also, I didn't really think ahead to the fact that the last week of the Knitting Olympics was also going to be the last week my parents were going to be in Tucson before moving back to New England, so...I was much more interested in spending time w/family who I might not see for a year or so than hole up knitting in my apartment. 

However, I am very excited for the project once it's done. The Malabrigo Lace yarn is amazing....soft, squishy, gorgeous. The whole scarf just looks like it's the knitted embodiment of Spring, with the bramble leaf stitch pattern and gorgeous bright yellow with it's slight varigation....Now that I no longer have a time limit, I've decided I'm going to do about 20 repeats of the center pattern instead of the recommended 16 (I've completed 16 repeats already, and it is way too short as is) plus knit the wide borders.  

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