Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This summer has been full of fun and adventure. Since June, we went to Flagstaff for a friend's wedding, celebrated another friend's birthday in Bisbee ( a small mining town southeast of Tucson), and spent a weekend in Keystone, Colorado. Additionally, I made the decision to apply to graduate school and have been working on my applications. (One down, one to go!) All of it has been completely wonderful, but I'm looking forward to having a super lazy and relaxing weekend.

I've been contemplating graduate school pretty much since I've finished college, but I am apparently the world's most indecisive person.  It's even the number one item on my list (Yay for crossing out items!) I've considered a Master's in Counseling or pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology focusing on Neuropsychology. I considered going to a one year certification to be an EEG tech. I'm sure there are others. I finally settled on Masters in Information and Library Science. Random, yes, but I am really excited to get started. I'm in the process of applying at 2 schools for the Spring 2012 semester.

And since I don't know how to gracefully end this slightly rambly and random post, here is a photo of a statue in Bisbee:

Virile Copper Miner

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