Monday, March 7, 2011

Projects in Progress

I've been working on some general projects and list items recently that I've been wanting to blog about, but have found that I haven't had the time. It's not so much that I don't have the time for the actual blogging, but I seem to not have enough time to finish the projects I'm working on. I keep thinking, "I am sure I will finish this weekend! And then I can take photos and update my blog!" And yet...not so much.

The biggest of these projects is setting up a little "craft nook" in the new place.  Our bedroom is much larger, and we have enough room for me to set up a sewing table and organize all my yarn and other crafty goodness. I bought a bookcase/cubby thing for yarn storage, and assembled it, two weekends ago. Then I realized in order to have enough space for the craft nook I would need to rearrange the current furniture set up. I measured the room and all the furniture and then broke out the graph paper, cutting out little miniature furniture squares to move around. I figured out an arrangement I was happy with and that wouldn't require a lot of moving.

Impressed with my cunning skill, I headed off to the bedroom to rearrange! I was then reminded that the bedroom had been a storage space for unpacked boxes. Unfazed, I figured I could move those boxes to the laundry room...which happened to be full of more unpacked boxes, and was completely unorganized so that nothing else could fit. I spent the rest of the weekend unpacking things that could be unpacked, reorganizing the laundry room, and finally moving the bedroom furniture. 

This past weekend my goal was to finish setting up the craft nook: setting up the sewing table, organizing my yarn/needles/everything else, and overall neatening up the rest of the bedroom. While I was able to start this process, I was foiled by the nasty cold I've been fighting since mid-week. I took Wednesday off from work and spent the day on the couch watching the second half of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 5. By Saturday I was feeling much improved and went to yoga, followed by brunch with a few friends.  Feeling awesome and productive, I returned home knowing that I would finish that craft nook. I got about halfway done before I felt exhausted. So, it remains not quite finished yet. 

My new goal is to be able to do small bits here and there throughout the week, as this weekend is already pretty busy. Friday my husband's band is having their CD release party during Tucson's Brootal Sun Fest. Saturday, we will be driving up to Ikea for some bookcases and then going to an uncle's 50th birthday party in the Phoenix area. Sunday we are spending some more time with family who are in town from North Dakota for the 50th birthday celebration.  After all that excitement, I'm sure I'll have more time to finish the nook if I need to (and spend more time updating here!)

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