Monday, January 18, 2010

#79: Dye my hair a color I've never tried (Strawberry blonde!)

Growing up, one of the areas my siblings and I were given lots of freedom in was out hair. In middle school I dyed my hair using boiling kool-aid, only to continue using regular hair dye consistently until graduation (and beyond). My sister had flourescent pink at one point, and shaved her head completely our senior year. My brother rocked a mohawk. The only major rule regarding our hair was that we were required to have it look "normal" for our senior pictures, as our parents were paying for those to be taken and thus could dictate no unnatural hair colors and whatnot.

Throughout the years, I've gone from my natural medium brown hair to many shades of red and auburn, to black, to purple highlights. Pretty much the only color in the spectrum I have never tried is blonde. I've bleached or lightened my hair as the means to the end of adding purple or stop-sign red, but never as the end itself. There was always something about "blonde" that I just decided didn't suit my personality. I liked going darker, brighter, redder, but never lighter.

Aside from putting this on my list, I was emboldened to try a blonde hue as my hair is shorter than it has ever been, and I'm totally loving it. I figured, if I don't like this color it will grow out very, very quickly. I can also just dye back over it if I *really* hated it without fear of completely ruining my hair, as most of it will get chopped off next time I get a trim. I decided to go with a strawberry blonde to keep the comfort of familiar red hues and picked L'Oreal Preference "Light Reddish Blonde". I have to admit: I totally love it! Here are the results:

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